Fine Art

My first exhibition in Vienna 30th Oct. 2017 –  Galerie Koko.
In this project, my aim is to show the many human facets, what lies underneath the obvious face, profession and passion …

I started with photography 8 years ago and specialized in Family and Newborn photography.
Although I like many genres, my favorite being plain street photography, I cycled through nature, portraiture, travel and macro photography as well in order to find my personal niche.
Having the advantage of being also a graphic designer, I have explored and discovered my passion for “conceptual photography”. This combines photography and graphic design, painting on a digital tablet with a digital pen on the photos, enhancing them, giving them more depth and character as you can see in my works below.

Conceptual work is all I want to do now. I want to tell your personal story through conceptual photography, where fantasy has no limits. Anything you can imagine and describe, I can show through conceptual photography, by creating your story in one picture.
It fascinates me to unfold the creative potential of just one photo and an idea in my mind . This genre gives me the freedom to combine the best of both worlds – painting and photography. It is a visualization of a different kind.

Through conceptual photography, I can create together with my clients, far more interesting memories than just classic portraits in the studio!
We can recreate a movie-scene you like, or an imaginary story you would like to see yourself in, anything you can imagine and can describe – I can assemble and produce  your own special portrait series.
Conceptual portraits can be full of humor, show your profession, your life skills and hobby in a funny way.

Conceptual photography is a symbiosis between an idea, a  fantasy and traces of reality…


His profession – a decorated Colonel, a true war veteran

His passion – Poker

Conceptual photography is a symbiosis between an idea, a  fantasy with traces of reality…