Your personal shooting – show your facets

“Conceptual photography” is a symbiosis, a visualization of an idea, a  fantasy, a story …

Conceptual photography is limitless, it combines photography, painting and digital art.
I am offering my services as a photo-artist of a different kind. Through conceptual photography, we can create far more interesting memories, than just classic portraits in the studio!
We can create your personal and unique story, such as recreating your favourite movie-scene, something from your imagination, your zodiac sign, a story you would like to see yourself in. Conceptual portraits can be full of humour, show your profession, your life skills, hobby or anything you choose.

After the photo shoot, I am painting on a digital tablet with a digital pen on the photos, enhancing details, adding more depth and visual effects, giving the works definition and character (as you can see in the works below).
It fascinates me to unfold the creative potential of just one photo along with an idea in my mind. This genre gives me the freedom to combine best of both worlds – painting and photography. It is a visualisation of a different kind.

Price for a shooting starts at € 990, what is included:

– Pre shooting meeting
– Shooting
– Editing of your selected image
– Highres image for printing

Before the shooting

We will meet to discuss your ideas and wishes. Together we establish a concept for your shooting. I will explain how the shooting is done and we will discuss what outfits and props you can bring along.

After the shooting

I will upload the photos to a secured server and the link will be sent you by email. You will choose your favourite photos for the editing in the comfort of your home without rush.  Once you have chosen the photos, I will start my work in turning them into the “unique story/series”.

Below you can see an example of editing “before-after” of my work.


His profession – a decorated Colonel, a true hero

His passion – Poker

Shhhh – silence in the library

Aquarius – Horoscope

A scene from the movie “Scarface”

I love my Harley

Bad boys – Tattoo studio “Jaw Ink”, Vienna 16th district

Conceptual photography is a symbiosis between an idea, a  fantasy with traces of reality…