Galerie UNIKAT
20.9 um 19h
Albertgasse 33, 1080 Wien

Human Facets:

We hope that this exhibition will inspire you to show YOUR FACETS in a personal shooting with Janet. We look forward to your visit!

Janet tells stories through conceptual photography in her pictures. Stories about people and their different roles as well as life situations or from their personal imagination. Just as they perceive themselves or dare to show from their fantasy. There are no limits to the imagination. With her works, she captures the multifaceted richness of a person, which is far more than what you see at first sight. Let’s take a look behind the scenes and see which personalities, hobbies and dreams are hidden behind their curtains: a colourful collection of different roles emerge, into which people consciously and unconsciously slip. To make these visible, Janet implements it through Conceptual Art Photography, this makes the magic of Janet’s work. The presentation is done in an artistically sophisticated and humorous way. Who are these persons whose facets we get to see at this exhibition?

Photos von der Vernissage 6 Juli 2018

Photos from the Vernissage on 12. Feb. 2018

Photos  – Galerie Koko 30 Oct. – 9th November 2017