Hi, my name is Janet, next to my full-time job, I am also the mother of three fantastic persons ages 26, 21 and 8.
I was born in Tashkent Uzbekistan but grew up mostly in Austria. I have lived 2 years in Belgium, San-Francisco California, and lived 10 years in Israel, where I studied Business Management and IT and worked there for many years as a software developer. In 1999 I returned with my family to Vienna, Austria and we live here ever since.
My creative outlet and passion since childhood was painting with acryl, which led me later on to discover my love for photography. Throughout my life, I have been fortunate to call many countries my home, which enabled me to be fluent in six languages (English, Russian, German, Hebrew, French and Spanish) and has given me insights into different cultures, which today, is an asset in my work with people from different backgrounds and creating my art.
In 2010 I started photography specializing in Maternity, birth documentary and newborn shootings. I transitioned to conceptual photography because of the creative freedom it offers and fulfils me as a photo-artist. It fascinates me to unfold the creative potential of a person with just one photo along with an idea in my mind.
Conceptual photography, fuelled by my love for storytelling, combined with years of experience in photography, led me to create my own artistic signature. I have developed and fine-tuned my technique by combining traditional photography and hand painting details into the scene through a digital tablet.
I believe that my ability to capture emotions, while portraying the individuality of a person, has given my work their own unique style.
Since 2016 I have had numerous very well attended exhibitions and more are planned also internationally.